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Nepal’s economy and livelihood are mainly based on agriculture. It is the main source of food income and employment for the majority of population. The quality of food degradation is common during storage and transportation of local food from the producer to consumer.

BhakariFood.com serves as a qualitative local organic food provider directly from the land of consumer. BhakariFood.com, in one hand motivates farmers to grow organic crops and give them reasonable price thus, improving employment and income whereas on the other hand, best local organic and qualitative food products can be consumed by the consumers on their own price by one click in affordable price. It serves variety of local products from different local parts of the country. BhakariFood.com is marketed by Bhakari Food Private Limited.

‘Health and Taste links us together’

Featured Collection

This is our Featured Collection

Local Sano Kerau - 1 Kgs

NPR 180.00

Mixed Saatu - 1 kgs

NPR 240.00

Jumla Ko Local Okhar - 1 Kgs

NPR 1,100.00

Local Kodo ko Pitho - 1 Kgs

NPR 100.00

Local Bodi - 1 Kgs

NPR 170.00

Khosta Moong Daal - 1 Kgs

NPR 180.00

local Phapar ko Pitho - 1 kgs

NPR 200.00

Local Gahu ko Pitho - 1 kgs

NPR 80.00

Local Murali Makai - 1 Kgs

NPR 125.00

Local Rajma - 1 Kgs

NPR 220.00

Local Besar - 1 Kgs

NPR 350.00